Where to Place an Air Purifier

Where to Place an Air Purifier

An air purifier can drastically improve air quality by filtering out harmful dust mites, mold, spores, air pollutants, and even viruses like COVID-19. Air purifier placement is a crucial decision.

By knowing where to place your air purifier, you can optimize the efficiency of your filtration system and increase performance up to 20% — simply by placing your unit in the correct location.

Although convenient, you can lose nearly 50% efficiency by placing your power in a corner, behind a TV or large furniture, or under a table. Without proper air intake, your purifier can’t do its job, which is why it’s essential to know the best placement for an air purifier

For optimal results, the best place to put an air purifier is:

  • In the center of the room
  • Near open windows or doors
  • Near pollutants
  • Place air purifier high or low depending on the airflow of the room
  • Clutter-free area
  • Room with low humidity

When wondering where to put your air purifier, consider the locations listed above.


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Where Should I Place My Air Purifier (and Why)?

The purpose of an air purifier is to filter out harmful airborne particles that could lead to health risks such as asthma or allergies and bring fresh air indoors. When struggling with where to place your air purifier, follow these six basic rules for top performance.


1. Place in Open Area

Placing your CleanAir Tower with HEPA filters in a corner will restrict airflow and impede the purifier’s ability to clean the air. Air purifier placement should always be in as open a space as possible, such as a living room or office space, but away from heavy foot traffic to avoid being kicked or knocked over. 


2. Near Windows or Doors

Air purifier placement

To perform correctly, your purifier needs to suck in polluted air to release clean, fresh air. The most efficient way to clean air is a location where the air is moving quickly, such as near a window, open doorway, or along the walls. 

Placing the pre-filter purifier near an entry point also increases the chance of stopping pollutants from entering the space altogether, leaving the area clean.


3. Source of Pollutants

To clean pollutants, heavy odors, dust, and other health hazards from your space, move the air purifier where the concentration of contaminants is highest. If there aren’t visible indications of problematic areas, you can use your sense to detect where the best location would be:

  • Eyes: Mold and dust are readily visible. If there’s a large concentration of both, move the purifier to that location until it’s clean.
  • Nose: Noxious odor is a good indication of pollutants. Place the purifier where the odor is most robust.
  • Allergy reaction: If there’s an area of your house, school, or office that continues to cause a reaction, a purifier can help rid that space of dangerous allergens.


4. High or Low for Optimal Airflow

Air can flow in two directions, horizontally from door to door or vertically from ceiling to floor. Locating the direction of your airflow can help determine where the air purifier will work best. 

If air moves horizontally along the floor, place your activated carbon purifier on the floor in the airflow path; for air moving vertically, a purifier on the table would work best.


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5. Clutter-Free Area

A good rule to live by is to keep your purifier at least two feet away from walls, heavy furniture, TVs, tables, and especially electronics. Regardless of whether the purifier is in a commercial location or the home, avoid minor obstacles that could inhibit your purifier from sucking in air.


6. Avoid Rooms With High Humidity

Placing a purifier in a kitchen, bathroom, or location of high humidity seems a good idea since mold and odors seem to be attracted to those areas. However, this could cause problems with:

  • Requiring more energy to run
  • Reducing capacity of HEPA filters to do their job

Try to keep the location of your purifier to a room that has less than 50% humidity.


Optimal Performance With CleanAir Tower

best placement for an air purifier

When asking yourself where should my air purifier be placed, the bonus answer is you’ll want the ability to move your purifier to the areas that need it most. 

The CleanAir Tower is fully portable but can still clean an entire room with the ability to push up to 1400 CFM of air. 

With the CleanAir Tower, you’ll benefit from commercial quality air purification designed to run with a minimal amount of noise. Whether you’re in a conference meeting or trying to sleep, you won’t be disturbed by loud motors while keeping the air around you clean. 

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