Commercial HVAC Installations

Implement UFAD In Your New Commercial HVAC System. Feel The Difference AirFixture Can Make For Your Building’s Occupants.

We provide our clients with Underfloor Air Distribution systems as part of your commercial HVAC design. They work to optimize airflow and comfort. Better air quality and increased efficiency are at your fingertips with an AirFixture commercial HVAC system.

Our commercial HVAC systems provide:

  • Maximum comfort to your building’s occupants
  • Tailored solutions built with your building’s unique needs in mind
  • Reduced energy costs through increased efficiency
  • Comprehensive coverage throughout the building

Commercial HVAC SYSTEMS Installations

We’ve handled a wide range of buildings including casinos, government buildings, schools, libraries and office buildings. Through this experience, we have been recognized as industry experts at installing and optimizing your commercial HVAC, working at perfecting our craft for over 15 years.

Benefits of our Commercial HVAC SYSTEMS Installations

There are a huge number of significant benefits you’ll gain when working with us to get a new commercial HVAC system installed in your building. They include:

Maximum Possible Comfort For Your Occupants

The combination of industry-leading expertise with top-of-the-line commercial HVAC systems ensures that your building will be as comfortable as possible. Whatever the use of your building, whether its an office space or a retail operation, you’ll gain huge benefits from your occupants being more comfortable. This is because comfortable people are more productive or more likely to make a purchase. Therefore, investing in our UFAD system and part of your commercial HVAC design will result in increased revenues.

Customized COMMERCIAL HVAC Solutions Address Your Building’s Unique Challenges

Each building is different, with its own set of challenges. You can’t just expect to put in an HVAC system into a space without factoring in the layout and expect it to benefit your building’s occupants equally throughout. Different areas of each floor of a building require carefully optimized air flows to factor in varying heat loads.

Reduced Energy Costs

Swapping to a comprehensive commercial UFAD solution reduces your energy costs, as it is more efficient at cooling or heating a space. We deliver the exact right amount of heated or cooled air to a given area to provide optimum comfort, while factoring in the need for increased air flows to perimeter areas, without overly heating or cooling the center. This means that you use only the absolutely required amount of energy, with no waste.

Improved Efficiency

When you have a perfectly comfortable space from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, your staff will be able to be much more productive. This is hugely important.  Studies show improvement in an office environment yields productivity gains with less than 1 year payback. . By itself, this benefit is worth the whole cost of getting a high quality commercial UFAD system, as the costs will be more than outweighed by increased revenues generated by your staff.

Peerless Expertise

There are many companies offering commercial UFAD HVAC systems, but no other offers the levels of expertise that we provide. Through our over 15 year history, we’ve seen a huge range of unique buildings that each posed unique challenges. This means we’re perfectly equipped to handle your building, and can design a system that meets your needs exactly.

We’ve completed hundreds of commercial UFAD installations as part of a HVAC design in over 25 different countries. AirFixture is an industry leader in giving businesses the comfortable environment they need to succeed. Contact us today to get a top-quality commercial HVAC system.

What our clients say about us

“Recently my firm was working with a high-profile financial services client requiring an Under-Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) solution in One of New York City’s most Premier buildings. Before we were even awarded the project, I knew I had to call AirFixture. Their Unit specification and construction is the top of the line and they are the quietest units in the industry. Their Air Towers remove the need for ductwork and their zoning/controls are some of the simplest I have ever seen. That coupled with the fact that the company leadership contains two of the most senior and knowledgeable leaders in the UFAD industry is simply something the competition cannot match.”

Christopher T. Varughese

Mechanical Designer