FlexSys HVAC Systems

Get An HVAC System Designed to Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Tenant Productivity

  • Improve efficiency and pay 30% less in heating and air conditioning
  • Boost occupants happiness and productivity, leading to lower vacancy
  • Slash maintenance costs with easy access to building services

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Reduce Energy Costs & Improve Air Quality


Reduce Building Energy Costs by up to 30%

FlexSys underfloor HVAC systems are cheaper to install during construction and provide on-going cost savings for owners. FlexSys systems take advantage of more efficient technology over outdated HVAC systems, leading to a reduction in operating costs.

Increase Occupant Satisfaction to Improve Vacancy Rates

FlexSys systems not only saves you money –  our HVAC systems also solve a common occupant complaint – temperature control. By giving some control to occupants over localized thermal comfort you can avoid the on-going burden on building management and higher vacancy rates.

Protect Monthly Cash Flow

High vacancy rates mean less monthly cash flow and a lower resale value. FlexSys HVAC systems maintain comfortable environments that keep tenants happy, so you can avoid costly turnover time. Keep more monthly income in your pocket and cash in on your investment when you sell.

Eliminate Toxic Air Contaminants 

Office air can have harmful particles like chemicals, mould or fungi, bacteria, vapours and even dead skin cells. FlexSys underfloor HVAC systems filter out these toxic elements by driving fresh air to the floor area around occupants. Healthier environments has been proven to increase your occupants productivity.

Take Advantage of Increased Floor Space

Trash those hideous floor radiators that take up valuable square footage. FlexSys trench heaters boost aesthetic appeal and maximize floor space. FlexSys has a variety of linear floor grilles with unique finishes and styles to meet your building design needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Time-to-Occupancy – Quicker occupancy can be achieved because underfloor air systems, or UFAD, install faster than traditional HVAC systems during construction.

Design Flexibility – FlexSys designs can be adapted to unique architectural needs, such as a sloping or uneven floor. We have design solutions that can meet your project needs even after construction.

Voice/Data Cabling – Traditional cable systems consist of fixed outlets and long runs that usually involve contracting outside labor and significant disruption to the workplace for repairs. Our raised access floor system allows for a much more user-friendly wiring system that leads to much lower maintenance cost and easier relocation for office changes in the future.


Trench Heating – your trench heating units are built into the floor using “trenches”, and make use of natural convection and fans designed to eliminate drafts at the source.

Trench Heater Design – FlexSys trench heaters conserve wall space unlike traditional floor radiators. Getting rid of these unattractive HVAC units gives your space a sleek, modern look.

Perimeter Heating – trench heaters are conveniently arranged at the room’s edges, along windows and down hallways. FlexSys perimeter heating allows for constant and efficient airflow around the perimeter of your building. These systems have been found to be an ideal way to counteract heat loss by being placed at the areas with the highest amount of draft.

Drafts Cause Complaints & High Costs

Use SoHo Trench Heating to Cut All Three.