PleinAir HVAC Systems

Underfloor HVAC Systems That Save You Money and Keep Tenants Comfortable

  • Reduce energy costs by up to 30% through improved efficiency
  • Improve occupancy rates with better air quality and temperature control
  • Cut maintenance costs through easier access to building services

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Reduce Energy Costs & Improve Air Quality


Slash Building Energy Costs by up to 30%

PleinAir underfloor HVAC systems save you money on initial construction costs and on-going usage. Improvements over traditional and outdated HVAC systems take advantage of better airflow efficiencies that significantly lower operating costs.

Boost Occupant Satisfaction Through Better Thermal Comfort

Saving money is only the beginning with PleinAir HVAC systems. Our systems also give your occupants some control over their local temperature, leading to their individual preferences being met. This means less headaches for building management on temperature control and higher occupancy rates.

Maintain Crucial Property Values

Low occupancy rates mean that you can maintain your properties cash flow and overall resale value. PleinAir HVAC systems create environments that keep tenants happy so that you can avoid costly turnover time.

Cut Down on Harmful Air Contaminants

PleinAir underfloor HVAC systems deliver a fresh supply of air near the occupant at the floor and desktop area leading to higher occupant satisfaction and health. A healthier, happier environment leads to a proven increase in occupant productivity.

Increase Floor Space With PleinAir Trench Heaters

Get rid of ugly radiators from the walls and place them under the floor. PleinAir recessed trench heaters save valuable square footage and boost aesthetic appeal. Choose from a variety of grilles with different finishes and styles to match your unique building decor.

Drafts Cause Complaints & High Costs

Use SoHo Trench Heating to Cut All Three.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time-to-Occupancy – Underfloor air systems, or UFAD, install quicker than traditional HVAC systems, which leads to faster project completion and quicker occupancy.

Design Flexibility – PleinAir systems can be adapted to existing or new architectural designs. Even if you have a unique requirement, our systems can accommodate designs such as uneven floors.

Voice/Data Cabling – You can achieve lower labor costs for installation of cables and power wiring. “Plug & Play” features drastically reduce start up cost and make it easier to relocate in the future.

Trench Heating – “trenches” built into the floor that connect to your trench heating units that use natural convection and fans to eliminate drafts at their source.

Trench Heater Design – PleinAir trench heaters do not sacrifice wall space like traditional floor radiators. This frees up space and gives your building a clean, modern look

Perimeter Heating – trench heaters are arranged around the room’s outer edges, near windows and along hallways. PleinAir perimeter heating provides consistent airflow around the perimeter of the building. This is an ideal way to combat heat loss, as they are placed near the rooms highest draft zones.