UFAD Design Guide

14 Most Common UFAD Systems Used Worldwide


When undertaking a new building construction, choosing an underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system can provide an enormous number of benefits. Used in conjunction with a raised access floor, UFAD offers everything from inherently-reduced energy costs and improved occupant comfort to options for design flexibility, superior access to wires and cables, and modular configuration capability.

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  • Description of the most popular UFAD designs
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each UFAD design
  • Raised access flooring requirements
Jim Hellums
University of Memphis
Vice President

We decided an underfloor system would enable us to run the electronic cables and wires under the floor, while providing better control over air-conditioning to spaces that would probably be reconfigured on a regular basis.

David Knowlton
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Project Engineer

Airfixture does a great job of providing quality products and supporting those products from design through commissioning. Ghassan and team are always quick to respond and do a great job of taking care of the customer.

Matthew DeSimone
Johnson Controls, Inc
Project Engineer

You guys never say no. Your ability to handle our custom requirement at a reasonable price is the best. We wish we had more factories with your attitude.

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