Underfloor Air Conditioning

Lower HVAC energy costs by 30%
AND improve occupancy rates with better air quality

AirFixture UFAD Air Conditioning Systems Offer:

  • Reduced energy costs from improved localized climate control
  • Improved indoor air quality by delivering fresh air at occupant-level
  • Lower ongoing maintenance cost with easier access to building services

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“AirFixture has been a highly reliable company whether UFAD, or Overhead Chilled Beam applications…their CAN DO attitude with any ideas or ways to make any application better or figure out a way to solve a problem is a breath of fresh air.”

Anthony Casaus


Underfloor Air Conditioning Systems

Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

In-floor or underfloor air conditioning systems are ideal solutions for commercial buildings looking to save on energy costs and improve air quality. AirFixture’s underfloor air distribution (UFAD), combined with the low-pressure plenum air delivery from a raised floor system, allows you to deliver improved air quality and maximize occupant comfort – all while lowering your energy expenses by up to 30%.

Why Use Airfixture SoHo Trench Heating Solutions

Underfloor Cooling System Benefits

Heating and Cooling Where You Actually Need it

UFAD systems take advantage of natural air patterns – specifically, the rising of warm air  – to provide a more comfortable environment in the lower six feet of the work space. Unlike traditional overhead HVAC systems, UFAD delivers effective and efficient cooling right at the level of the occupant, as opposed to 9 feet above them.

You can also get trench heating grilles in many different finishes and styles, which you can then match to your unique decor and boost your building’s visual appeal.

Drafts cause complaints and high costs
Use AirFixture systems to cut all three

Better air quality from less contaminants

Dust, pollen, smoke, and other toxic substances are causing a harmful environment for your occupants and can lead to major health problems – not to mention reduced productivity by $0.41 per hour. AirFixture UFAD delivers fresh air supply right at the occupant level while also replacing the contaminants, leading to a superior work environment.

Underfloor Cooling System Benefits

Underfloor cooling systems also offer the following benefits:

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