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Take your UFAD system to the next level with a wide array of accessories.

Plug & Play Cables

Explore our Plug & Play (PAP) cables, designed for 24 VAC control systems with AirFixture devices.

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Power Modules

Learn more about our power modules that ensure safety and efficiency in UFAD applications.

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SoHo Hub

Learn more about the primary power and control hub for SoHo hydronic fan-boosted heating terminals.

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From traditional designs to advanced models with LCD touch interface, our thermostats give you the flexibility you need to meet the budget and design requirements of any underfloor air distribution project.

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Plenum Pressure Controls

AirFixture offers an array of pressure controls to precisely gauge plenum pressure relative to room pressure, featuring ultra-accurate underfloor sensors, integrated sensors in styled floor diffusers, and a straightforward 0-10 v dc signal.

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