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Public Spaces


UFAD For Public Spaces 

AirFixture is a specialized company that provides high-quality Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) systems. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique needs of designing public spaces for a diverse range of environments. Our UFAD systems address the balance between functionality, aesthetics, and user comfort.

Our UFAD systems are engineered to provide superior air quality and comfort while minimizing energy use and operational costs. We have successfully installed UFAD in spaces like theaters, churches, museums, performing art centers, and more.

AirFixture is our preferred go-to expert for all solutions related to Underfloor Air Distribution. Their inputs help us with not only the design of the project but also successful execution and client satisfaction.
Manjunath Swamy
Mechanical Contractor, Vortex Consulting Engineer
I’m always worried about trying something radically different in our projects. What if it doesn’t go to plan? What if there’s something we haven’t considered? Those concerns were completely unfounded with UFAD. it was far less complex, and way easier to plan and install than a traditional system.
Isaac Chazbani
Mechanical Contractor, New York City

Our Public Spaces Projects

Golden 1 Center (CA, USA)

Sacramento, California

745,000 SQ FT


Golden 1 Center CA

906 Cigar Lounge (AR, USA)

Fort Smith, Arkansas


906 Cigar Lounge AR

Grand Egyptian Museum (Egypt)

Giza, Egypt

5,000,000 SQ FT

Grand Egyptian Museum Egypt

Saemoonan Church (Seoul, SK)

Seoul, South Korea

46,000 SQ FT


Saemonan Church Seoul

National Gugak Center (Seoul, SK)

Seoul, South Korea

42,000 SQ FT

National Gugak Center Seoul

Janadhara Trust Auditorium (India)

Bengaluru, India

3,500 SQ FT

Janadhara Trust Auditorium India

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