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Government & Military


UFAD For Government & Military Facilities 

AirFixture's UFAD systems for government facilities provide efficient, targeted airflow that promotes healthy and productive environments. Their energy-efficient design and easy maintenance make them a cost-effective and sustainable solution for government buildings. By directing air upwards from below the floor and away from occupants, UFAD systems minimize drafts and reduce hot and cold spots in the workspace. UFAD systems also maximize occupant comfort with modular 'plug & play' VAV or manually controlled diffusers.

In addition to the comfort of the occupants, AirFixture's UFAD systems provide significant energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Their energy-efficient design relies on natural convection and requires less ductwork and equipment to operate than traditional HVAC systems, resulting in lower energy consumption and cost savings for facility managers.

Furthermore, AirFixture's UFAD systems are easy to install and maintain, with simple accessibility for cleaning, inspections, and repairs. Their systems are designed to last and incorporate sustainability practices that protect the environment.

AirFixture is our preferred go-to expert for all solutions related to Underfloor Air Distribution. Their inputs help us with not only the design of the project but also successful execution and client satisfaction.
Manjunath Swamy
Mechanical Contractor, Vortex Consulting Engineer
I’m always worried about trying something radically different in our projects. What if it doesn’t go to plan? What if there’s something we haven’t considered? Those concerns were completely unfounded with UFAD. it was far less complex, and way easier to plan and install than a traditional system.
Isaac Chazbani
Mechanical Contractor, New York City

Our Government & Military Projects

Scott AFB (IL, USA)

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

164,000 SQ FT


Scott AFB IL

Joint Base Andrew (MD, USA)

Andrews Field, Maryland

380,000 SQ FT

Joint Base Andrews MD


Kansas City, Missouri

1,140,000 SQ FT

IRS Building Project MO

Frisco City Hall (TX, USA)

Frisco, Texas

148,000  SQ FT


Frisco City Hall TX

Buckley AFB (CO, USA)

Aurora, Colorado

80,000 SQ FT

Buckley AFB CO

Brasilia Federal Headquarters (Brazil)

Brasilia, Brazil

2,400,000 SQ FT

Brasilia Federal HQ Brazil

Michigan Alternative Renewable Energy Center (MI, USA)

Muskegon, Michigan

90,000  SQ FT


Michigan Alternative Renewable Energy Center MI

Vaughan City Hall (Vaughan, ON)

Vaughan, Ontario

325,000 SQ FT

Vaughan City Hall

Harris County 911 Call Center (TX, USA)

Aldine, Texas

42,000 SQ FT

Harris County 911

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