HVAC Energy Management

Keep Your HVAC Energy Costs Low. Benefit From Our Custom UFAD Solutions.

Low energy consumption UFAD systems can provide excellent value to a variety of businesses. The energy savings, along with a host of other benefits, add up to significant value through the course of the unit’s life.

The energy savings you’ll gain from our solutions:

  • Amount to 30-50% fan energy savings per year over a standard inefficient HVAC system
  • Make staff more productive due to increased comfort
  • Reduce the cost of tenant floor plan changes

HVAC Energy Management

Benefits of our Low Energy Consumption UFAD Systems

Using an efficient system can offer your business significant benefits. These include:

Reduced Energy Costs

During hot summer and cold winter months, a significant portion of a commercial building’s energy costs come from maintaining a pleasant temperature indoors. While these are unavoidable costs, they can be reduced and effectively managed.

When you use one of our highly efficient UFAD systems, you lower your HVAC energy consumption. These systems are far more effective in a number of ways. First of all, they’re precisely optimized and calibrated, delivering only the exact amount of heating or cooling needed to each area to ensure maximum comfort, without needing to overheat or overcool a section.

They also generate more heat or cold from the same amount of energy used in a less efficient model. The combination of the two translates into significant energy savings, especially when viewed over the course of the unit’s life.

More Flexible HVAC System

When one considers the life cycle of a HVAC system, the work space will certainly be reconfigured several times.  Fortune 500 workspaces are reconfigured as much as 40% per year.  With a highly flexible and reconfigurable UFAD system the cost of these changes is much faster and 90% less expensive.

More Even Distribution of Hot and Cold Air

When you have an efficient HVAC system, you gain more even placement of warm and cool air. One of the primary challenges of any HVAC system in a commercial application is the fact that the levels of air needed are not even throughout the space. Areas like windows and entrances require additional air, as they gain increased heat or cold from the extra exposure. Inefficient HVAC systems indiscriminately apply air to the whole building. This means that either these areas are uncomfortable, or they try to target these areas, and therefore other areas aren’t properly comfortable because of the uneven needs.

Properly optimized HVAC systems like the ones we create factor in these elements and deliver maximum comfort while focusing on ensuring a high level of efficiency.

Greater Employee Comfort

By having a more even distribution of air that factors in the heat loads of different areas, you improve the overall comfort levels of the occupants who work in those areas. These employees will be more comfortable, and therefore more productive.

We’ve always strived to deliver maximum comfort without losing efficiency. Our custom HVAC solutions are tailor made to factor in your building’s unique needs. Contact us when you need a energy saving HVAC system.

What our clients say about us

“Having worked with AirFixture at a past firm I know the care and thought they put behind their engineering support. They worked diligently with us to provide the most functional cost-effective design. When we were working towards our Construction Set Andy Bergman and his team had no problems reviewing several iterations of our design to ensure the end-user would be comfortable in both summer and winter conditions, and to ensure the Air Towers would meet the required sound performance so users would be comfortable from an overall environmental perspective. When we were in construction during COVID-19 in NYC, AirFixture did what it took to ensure we would have our units by or before the date they were promised to site, I could not have been happier in our choice of manufacturer.”

Christopher T. Varughese

Mechanical Designer