MMIT-C (Modular Integrated Terminal) is
a manually adjustable constant volume air
terminal assembly for use in raised floor air
systems. It feature 20 gauge (1mm) galvanized
steel construction, pre-painted flat black.

The air valve uses time modulation to vary
total air delivered to a conditioned space. Air
velocity is constant any time the valve is open;
the short time duration between open/close
cycles produces the effect of contiuous air
delivered to the occupied space. The air valve
is rated for 24V (18-30VAC) operation. One (1)
PAP-1 Plug & Play Cable is included.

The nominal 6″ x 6″ (152mm x 152mm) cast
aluminum grille each include two separate
inserts, which can be configured to create
alternate air throw patterns. Ten (10) standard
colors are available; custom colors and finishes
can be provided to match architectural design
(specify on order).

Air flow output is manually adjustable by setting
the sliding damper plate to the desired CFM
position. Adjustment controls are accessible by
occupants directly through the grille.