RB3 (Signal Converter) is designed to allow a floating control signal from a thermostat or controller to operate a device with a FlexSys Generation-3 air valve. It can be used to add Generation-3 devices into Generation-1 system installations when additional interface accessories are needed.

The RB3 includes two modular PAP (Plug & Play) connections:
• The “THERMOSTAT” port is for connection to a thermostat or controller.
This port supplies 24VAC power to the thermostat and receives the
floating point control signals.
• The “AIR VALVE” port is for connection to the Gen-3 air valve. This port
receives power from the air valve terminal and supplies the time
modulation control signal.

The RB3 connects to an installed Gen-1 controller, using either existing cable or a new PAP cable (one [1] PAP-1J included). The floating control signal from the thermostat is converted to a signal that is recognized by Gen-3 devices.

The RB3 is plug and play, requiring no setup or programming. It consumes as much current as one conventional Gen-3 device and should be counted in the power loading.