AirFixture offers UFAD 4.0, a 1 LU/HSW credit for intermediate course level.


Fundamentals and basics for consideration of Modern UnderFloor Air Distribution Systems for Commercial Buildings.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

Construction Professional for new commercial buildings or significant re-fit projects.

HSW Justification:

Modern UFAD systems provide much improved indoor air quality and better mitigation of harmful contaminants in the working environment. These factors are measurable and demonstrable.

Learning Objective 1:

Understand the scope and method of raised floors and UFAD for commercial buildings

Learning Objective 2:

Learning the motivating factors for consideration of UFAD systems.

Learning Objective 3:

Understand air quality considerations in post-Covid world.

Learning Objective 4:

Learn best design and construction practices from a provider that has executed 1400 of these projects.

Learning Objective 5:

Learn when NOT to use UFAD systems.

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“AirFixture has been a highly reliable company whether UFAD, or Overhead Chilled Beam applications…their CAN DO attitude with any ideas or ways to make any application better or figure out a way to solve a problem is a breath of fresh air.”

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