Chilled Beam Systems

Chilled Beam Cooling Systems

Chilled beam HVAC technology allows you to cool and heat your occupied space with a nearly silent operation and minimal maintenance requirements. AirFixture offers Overhead Chilled Beam (OHCB) systems designed to maintain a comfortable indoor climate and engineered for low energy consumption and compatibility with a low-height ceiling void.

These systems offer the benefits of reduced operating costs since chilled water circulates at a higher temperature than the comparable energy required to cool air, as well as requiring less power to run fans.

AirFixture Chilled Beam Technology

Our OHCB products provide full cooling, heating, ventilation, and humidity thermostatic control, and are available in both passive and active configurations.

In a passive system, chilled water circulates through the beam to achieve cooling through natural convection. Active units induce secondary room air to mix with primary conditioned supply air.

We also offer a unique UFAD Chilled beam that offers many of the benefits of the overhead chilled beam. Additionally the UFAD or In Floor chilled beam offers a system with simultaneous heating and cooling with a two pipe system!

Whichever configuration you choose, all overhead chilled beams are designed to integrate within the grids of most common ceiling configurations, with variable lengths, duct connection and nozzle configurations.

AirFixture’s selection of UFAD products are designed to help you meet your heating and cooling system’s design requirements and budget. Contact us to learn how our chilled beam systems technology can help you improve air quality and comfort while saving costs.