Power, Cabling & Controls

AirFixture Underfloor Air Distribution Power and Cabling

As part of a comprehensive line of underfloor air distribution products, AirFixture offers Power Modules designed to power variable air volume (VAV) devices and controls connected using unique heavy duty color coded Plug and Play (PAP) cables.

Power Modules include a 96VA transformer with load side circuit breaker, which can power up to ten chained devices (including controllers and air valves). PAP cables are uniquely color coded and utilize simple snap-in Molex connections for fast, intuitive installation. Power modules and PAP cables are fully rated and approved for use in an underfloor environmental airway.

Advantages of AirFixture UFAD Power and Cabling

An underfloor modular cable arrangement brings design flexibility to your environment. As well, using PAP technology can also reduce installation costs due to less field labor required to configure and relocate power modules.

These benefits are further additions to the built-in flexibility that UFAD and raised flooring already affords; easier access to wiring and building services with shorter cable runs means faster time to occupancy and lower maintenance costs.

Contact us to learn how AirFixture’s underfloor air distribution power and cabling products can help you reduce costs and complete your UFAD project.

What our clients say about us

“Having worked with AirFixture at a past firm I know the care and thought they put behind their engineering support. They worked diligently with us to provide the most functional cost-effective design. When we were working towards our Construction Set Andy Bergman and his team had no problems reviewing several iterations of our design to ensure the end-user would be comfortable in both summer and winter conditions, and to ensure the Air Towers would meet the required sound performance so users would be comfortable from an overall environmental perspective. When we were in construction during COVID-19 in NYC, AirFixture did what it took to ensure we would have our units by or before the date they were promised to site, I could not have been happier in our choice of manufacturer.”

Christopher T. Varughese

Mechanical Designer