Prestige Wireless Diffuser

Prestige Wireless Variable Air Volume (VAV) Diffuser

prestige wireless diffuserDeliver on Your Complex HVAC System on Time and Budget

Underfloor VAV Simplified.

Installation of a traditional overhead VAV system requires careful coordination,  a formidable financial investment, and a significant amount of labor. Designing the ducting is time consuming for engineers and tricky for installation contractors.  No design ever gets installed like it’s drawn.

Balancing the air outlets is another major challenge, as any future changes to the VAV require re-balancing the entire system.

A UFAD system makes all of this dramatically simpler.

A simple pressure sensor controls the central air handler, providing supply air to the entire plenum. Floor Diffusers placed in local zones are manually adjusted or feature automatic thermostatic control.

But UFAD systems are not without their own challenges.

Providing power and control signals to individual diffusers requires a measure of careful planning and installation effort.  This challenge has led many UFAD users to manually control their diffuser temperatures, sacrificing comfort and BAS control.

Enter the Prestige, the first fully wireless UFAD variable air volume diffuser of its kind.

Prestige diffusers require no external wires or cabling, bypassing the complexity associated with traditional VAV systems, and making installation quicker and simpler than ever before. Additionally, there’s no need to connect each diffuser to an external power source – because they include their own dedicated integral battery power supplies (rated for 10 years).

The result is the simplest, lowest installed-cost, most flexible VAV system in the world.

Designed and engineered by AirFixture, Prestige VAV diffusers are shipped fully assembled and ready to be dropped in a floor, assuring fast installation and major time and labor cost savings.

Prestige diffusers are offered in multiple colors, sizes and configurations, providing an array of options for matching décor or a unique aesthetic style without increasing cost, complexity, or time required.

Prestige Wireless VAV Diffusers Reduce Building Operating Costs

Our VAV diffusers allow tenants to close off un-occupied offices or areas in a floor plate eliminating wasteful sub-cooling and saving fan horsepower. This is a major long-term reduction in building energy costs.

The batteries are aviation-grade, so they’re designed last 10 years (or longer) — ensuring that there are no surprise outages or breakdowns, even when temperatures hit their highest and lowest points.

This also frees you from the worries of costly repairs.

But in case of a problem, our VAV diffusers are backed by a guaranteed 5-year warranty for parts and labor. After 10 years, you can also replace the battery — extending the life of the diffuser and the value of your initial investment.

We also offer sample wireless VAV diffusers that you can test before committing to a big order for your project.

The Prestige uses a 2.4 GHz wireless signal concentrator (Zigbee) and each concentrator can support up to 32 wireless VAV diffusers. The concentrator can communicate with your diffusers at a range of up to 100 meters (tested in carpeted raised access floor with solid masonry walls).

Our wireless VAV diffusers are available in 4, 6, 8, 10-inch sizes and 15-100 CFM.

See our reference guide for our standard wireless VAV diffuser configurations, including sizes, mixing and displacement types.

What our clients say about us

“This level of quality and communication exceeds all expectations and I often tell my clients and colleagues that I personally regard AirFixture as being the Gold Standard and the best all in one solution for UFAD. Simply put they have been and will always be my basis of design and I always look forward to my next UFAD project!”

Christopher T. Varughese

Mechanical Designer