PCDP-10R-A (Personal Comfort Diffuser Polycarbonate)
is an adjustable constant volume diffuser for use in raised
floor air systems. The underfloor terminal features 20
gauge (1mm) galvanized steel construction, pre-painted
flat black. A 13.3″ x 4.8″ (337mm x 122mm) opening
permits air flow from the underfloor plenum.

The nominal 10″ (254mm) diameter diffuser grille features
LexanTM 940 polycarbonate, fire rated UL-94-V0 polyamide
construction, with a tensile stress rating (yld) of 630 kgf/
cm2 according to ASTM D 638. The rated load capacity
of 1275 lbs. (578 Kg) is based on load applied to a 1″
(25mm) square. The diffuser grille produces 360 degree
omni-directional mixing air flow, and can be easily rotated
to adjust air flow volume. Supply air throw will not exceed
4.5′ (1.4m) at 50 ft/min (0.25 m