Élan-08R-720VAV-C (Personal Comfort Diffuser) is an
adjustable variable volume diffuser for use in raised floor air
systems. The underfloor terminal features 20 gauge (1mm)
galvanized steel construction, pre-painted flat black.

The air valve uses time modulation to vary total air supplied
to a conditioned space. Air velocity is constant any time
the valve is open; the short time duration between open/
close cycles produces the effect of contiuous air delivered
to the occupied space. It is rated for 24V (18-30VAC)
operation; one (1) PAP-1 Plug & Play Cable is included.

The nominal 8″ (203mm) diameter cast aluminum grille
produces 360 degree omni-directional mixing air flow. A
manually adjustable sliding damper allows space occupants
to limit maximum air flow. Ten (10) standard grille colors
are available; custom colors and finishes can be provided
to match architectural design (specify on order).