IFCB (In-Floor Chilled Beam) 2-Pipe or 4-Pipe models are designed to create an efficient and simple solution to meet perimeter cooling needs. Supply and return water connections are located on opposite ends of the trough. Chilled water can be passed through these connections based on the building demands and the facility operators control. By controlling water valves and time modulating the air valves in response to a thermostat located in the space, one can meet the perimeter demands of any season.

The air valve(s) uses time modulation to vary total air delivered to the conditioned space. Air velocity is constant any time the valve(s) is open; the short time duration between air pulses results in the sensation of continuous air delivered with consistent flow. The air valve(s) is rated for 24 volt (18-30VAC) operation and comes with one (1) PAP-1 Plug & Play cable. One (1) additional connection cable is included for dual air valve configurations.

All IFCB’s are available in variable dimensions, in both typical density (TD) and high density (HD) designs. These options reflect the ability to achieve a greater capacity by adding an additional air valve to create an HD unit.

The linear grille is extruded aluminum, and is available in ten (10) standard colors. Customized colors and finishes are available to match architectural design (specify on order).