The TEC-2647-4 Series Thermostat is a BACnet® Master-Slave/Token-Passing (MS/TP) networked device that provides control of local Variable Air Volume (VAV) equipment with or without local reheat, or other zoning equipment using an on/off, floating, or proportional 0–10 VDC control input.

The technologically advanced TEC-2647-4 features a Building Automation System (BAS) BACnet MS/TP communication capability that enables remote monitoring and programmability for efficient space temperature control. An intuitive user interface with backlit display makes setup and operation quick and easy.

The TEC-2647-4 employs a unique, Proportional-Integral (PI) time-proportioning algorithm that virtually eliminates temperature offset associated with traditional, differential-based thermostats. A 38″ (965mm) temperature sensor is included for direct placement. When connected to the BMS the TEC-2647-4 also acts as a sensor, allowing two points of control per server pack.

One (1) PAP-7B Plug & Play Cable is included.