With VT8300 series Thermostatic Controllers, smart energy management has never been easier. Designed for new construction and retrofit projects, the Thermostatic Controllers dramatically decrease project delivery costs by reducing installation, configuration and commissioning time. No complex software or tools are required to customize functionality to meet your applications requirements. The Thermostatic Controllers provide all the advanced features and monitoring functions required by modern building automation systems in a simple compact enclosure.

The VT8300 Thermostatic Controllers are both application-specific AND programmable. This enables the modification of pre-configured control sequences, or the creation of entirely new control sequences for HVAC, lighting and other applications. The Thermostatic Controllers are specifically designed to provide exceptional temperature control. When compared to traditional building automation Thermostatic Controllers, the VT8300 series Thermostatic Controllers provide unmatched return on investment.

The touch screen of the VT8300 offers a customizable user experience with selection of languages, temperature scales, buttons, and screen colors. It also supports the upload of an image or logo that becomes the default standby screen of the device. Custom messages can also be displayed on-screen using BACnet® objects when the VT8300 is integrated to a BACnet system.