Raised Floors Systems

Need a Flooring Solution with Lower Installation Costs and Fast Accessibility? Need to Enable Easy Reconfiguration & Provide Design Flexibility?

Our raised floors systems speed up occupancy changes, reduce space churn cost up to 50% and boost your aesthetic drastically. Whether you're building a casino, corporate office, library, or data center - we have the right raised floor systems to suit your needs.

Raised Floors Systems From AirFixture Can:

  • Reduces your space churn costs by up to 50% !
  • Speeds up occupancy with easier wiring & cabling access
  • Concrete, steel, wood, carpeted & more finishes
  • Ideal for casinos, data centers, libraries, office & commercial spaces
  • Eliminate suspended ceiling requirements
  • Drastically reduce duct work for air distribution
  • Reconfigure your space with ease!

Benefits of AirFixture Raised Floor Systems

Wiring Under Raised Floor

Reduce Installation Costs


Raised floor systems from AirFixture will reduce your installation costs by up to 10% compared to traditional flooring, and offers a wide array of benefits ranging from improved lighting & architectural aesthetics to greater design flexibility

Raised Tile

A Variety of Finishes


Our selection of finishes for raised floor systems lets you tailor your space to create the aesthetic you’re looking for. With wood, porcelain, terrazzo, resilients, custom, and carpet to choose from, your raised floor system will be as beautiful as it is functional.

Data Center

Quick Access to Services


AirFixture raised floor systems allow routes for wiring, cabling & building services in the underfloor plenum space. This gives you fast access to everything making the movement or installation of equipment easier and making it ideal for commercial spaces, data centers & casinos.

What is a Raised Access Floor System?

Raised floor systems offer building owners an underfloor alternative for delivering vital building services, including wiring, cabling, and HVAC & underfloor air distribution. This setup brings many benefits including improved flexibility, a stunning design aesthetic, and cost savings.

AirFixture raised access flooring manufacturers & contractors provide innovative systems that can improve your building operations with commercial HVAC systems while achieving maximum ROI.

With a wide variety of architectural finishes available, including laminate, granite, wood, and high-pressure finishes, you’ll easily be able to incorporate the perfect decor into your environment.

Different Raised Access Floors Finishes

We offer a host of raised floor finishes to choose from, letting you match the flooring with your architectural vision. The result is a stunning convergence of style and form.

Our raised floor panels are built upon solidly-engineered wood core or steel backings to ensure durability and strength.

Raised Custom Designs Tile

What Affects Raised Access Floor Costs

Cost is dependent on a multitude of factors:

  • Square footage of the building
  • Tile types and materials of raised floor systems
  • Additional Features (such as cable boxes)
  • The setup of underfloor HVAC
  • Any additional custom work

Custom Raised Floors Designs

Our manufacturers offer customized raised floor systems designs that can blend one or more finish to give you even greater architectural design flexibility. Contact us to learn more!