Enhance your raised access floor investment with an underfloor air distribution HVAC system.

A raised access floor system that uses a UFAD provides:

  • Improved flexibility for building services
  • Reduced long term costs through improved ventilation efficiency & employee productivity
  • Reduced material costs as a result of less ductwork, slab height and facade costs
  • Increased occupant comfort, productivity and health
  • Points that attribute towards a LEED certification

Don’t waste your raised access floor investments by leaving them underutilized. Request a consultation to see how UFAD systems increase the value of your property.

Raised Access System

The main reason for using raised access floor systems is the improved flexibility and space management that it provides. With a raised access system, it allows for wiring and cabling to be more easily installed and serviced than with an overhead system. It is very adaptable and generally has approved aesthetics compared to other systems.

With an overhead system, servicing these aspects of your building infrastructure becomes more difficult and costly. Not only that, pairing an overhead system with raised access floors defeats the original purpose of raised floors which is to maximize the use of your office space. When having both and overhead HVAC system and a raised floor, you are not only making it more difficult to service, but you are taking up even more office space with lower ceilings, providing less flexibility for employees and the office infrastructure.

Underfloor Air Distribution Solution for Raised Access Floors

Since a raised floor system is designed for flexibility, you want to make sure that you are leveraging that principle to its full potential. An underfloor air distribution system works perfectly with raised access floors by taking advantage of the increased space under the floor.

Compared to an overhead system, UFAD provides both short term and long term cost benefits. The improved ventilation efficiency increases the long term value by reducing energy costs by up to 30%, while the decreased materials, including ductwork, reduce the immediate cost of installation. Not only that, underfloor air distribution systems for raised access floors are proven to improve air quality and comfortability for employees, resulting in improved productivity and a larger life-time value.

If your raised access flooring system is not paired with Air Distribution HVAC solution, you are wasting the potential of the space in your building and not taking full advantage of the benefits that a raised floor provides.

Work with the most experienced UFAD experts  

AirFixture has successfully completed thousands of HVAC raised floor projects, helping building and facility owners take full advantage of the numerous advantages that this innovative floor system brings.

With experience in building types ranging from offices, libraries, schools, data centers and government offices to casinos and event spaces, AirFixture has the expertise and product catalog to help you enjoy all the benefits raised floor HVAC systems have to offer.

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