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Considering Your New Four-Legged Employees! 

Considering Your New Four-Legged Employees!

Dogs are known to be loyal and affectionate companions. Their numerous positive attributes are a big reason why more and more companies are allowing dogs in the office. AirFixture is proud to be one of those companies. The presence of dogs in the office has been proven to have numerous benefits, from improved morale to better physical health among employees. At AirFixture, we understand how important these benefits can be for both our team members and our business as a whole—that’s why we’re proud to say that dogs are welcome here! Not only do dogs boost morale, encourage communication between employees, improve physical health and reduce stress levels, but their presence also contributes to improved air quality and bacterial richness in the office.  


dogs in office checklist Benefits 

Mental Health Benefits 

When it comes to mental health benefits, dogs have been proven to reduce stress. This can be especially helpful in a hectic office environment where deadlines and other pressures are constantly looming. Having a pup around is an excellent way to take a break from the grind and just relax for a few minutes. Dogs can also help open up communication between employees, as people who wouldn’t normally talk may find themselves chatting about their furry friends. Plus, caring for a dog provides structure and responsibility which can lead to improved work performance.  

Physical Health Benefits 

In addition to mental health benefits, having dogs in the office has physical health benefits as well. Studies show that petting or playing with dogs reduces blood pressure and increases levels of serotonin and dopamine - two essential neurotransmitters associated with pleasure, relaxation, and happiness. Having a furry friend around can also provide much-needed exercise for employees who may not have time to get out for a full workout during their busy day. According to a 2017 study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, having dogs in the office can help reduce "overall stress levels” for workers. The study found that employees who had their own dogs or those of colleagues in the office “on average experienced lower heart rate readings" during stressful situations. 

 Office Collaboration Benefits 

A recent study at Virginia Commonwealth University found that having dogs in the office can reduce stress, increase productivity, and even help to improve communication between employees. Furthermore, a 2018 study from Central Michigan University suggests that having dogs in the office can lead to improved communication between team members. The study observed that when people interacted with their canine friends, they were more likely to cooperate with one another, resulting in increased collaboration and better job performance overall. This is due to the fact that having a dog around encourages physical movement, which helps decrease muscle tension and increases alertness – both of which are beneficial for work performance. Additionally, it’s been shown that when people engage with their canine friends, they are more likely to cooperate with others, so having a pup around can lead to increased collaboration between team members. At AirFixture, we welcome dogs with open arms! 

Team Members Negotiation Strategies 

A Guardian article reported that one dog in office helped with negotiations, “Pascoe says the dog has enabled the agency to negotiate better deals over Skype. ‘The foreign rights director will hold Marlowe up to the camera and say ‘Marlowe doesn’t like that price,’ then pause a beat—and the recipient tends to up the offer.” 


Environment and Indoor Air Quality 

Historically, there have been studies about dogs (and pets in general) helping to lower employees’ stress levels, increase their daily movement, and increase cooperation. Now there are also studies that focus on dogs’ contributions to better office indoor air quality. Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, is a significant issue in modern workplaces. Poor indoor air quality can lead to health problems, like stress and fatigue, which in turn can lead to increased absenteeism. Read more here about the solution to poor air quality in your HVAC.  

Having dogs in the office intrinsically means that cleanliness is top of mind, and leads to increased cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, etc. Dogs naturally produce ozone-destroying bacteria, helping to create cleaner air for everyone in the office.  According to Dr. Stephanie Taylor, offices should “maintain relative humidity from 40% – 60% to decrease dry mucus membranes, improve respiratory health, decrease dry skin and itchiness, and decrease static electricity shocks” to provide maximum physical comfort for both humans and dogs. This, in turn, leads to a higher level of indoor air quality. Dogs also help filter air by producing negative ions, and the natural oils produced by their fur coats can even act as an all-natural filter for particles like dust and pollen.  

Dogs and Our Microbiome 

Bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi come together to make up our microbiome, which is focused in our gastrointestinal tract and affects our health. There are multiple influences on your microbiome, including diet and environmental factors. In a University of Colorado Boulder study, researchers “learned that people who own dogs are much more likely to share the same kinds of these “good” bacteria with their dogs.” 

 A 2022 study of elderly dog owners and their gut microbiota found that “dog ownership can promote the increase in beneficial microorganisms and suppress the number of harmful bacteria.”   

dogThanks ‘Fur’ Letting Us Bring Our Dogs to Work! 

At AirFixture, we believe in the power of canine companionship to make our workplace a healthier and happier one. In conclusion, these studies demonstrate how having dogs in the office can bring numerous physical and mental health benefits for both humans and animals alike. Not only do pups boost morale, but they also reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and enhance indoor air quality – all of which are invaluable assets for any workplace!    

We’ve seen firsthand how beneficial having dogs in the office can be. So, if you’re looking for a workplace where your pup is welcome, look no further than AirFixture! We hope to see you and your furry friend soon. Happy tails! 

Here is our list of top reasons to have dogs in office! 

  1. Improved morale 
  2. Reduced stress levels 
  3. Increased productivity 
  4. Improved communication between employees 
  5. Structure and responsibility 
  6. Lower blood pressure levels 
  7. Increased serotonin and dopamine levels 
  8. Much-needed exercise for busy employees
  9. Cleaner office awareness 
  10. Healthy bodies, healthy minds




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