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What is a Chilled Beam?

What is a Chilled Beam?

(Source: ACHR News)

Chilled beam systems are a type of HVAC system that omits fans in favor of using fin-and-tube heat exchangers.

The main idea of a chilled beam is to take in rising hot air from the room and then cool and send it back to the room. By removing the fan, chilled beam systems lower noise and energy costs.

There are two types of chilled beam systems:

Passive Chilled Beams (PCB)

Typically, a PCB is installed in a casing that is suspending from the ceiling. A PCB’s fin-and-tube exchangers have chilled water flowing through them, which enables the exchanger to cool warm air rising from the room. The PCB then returns cool air to the room.

Active Chilled Beams (ACB)

An ACB can be enclosed in a casing suspending from the ceiling or even installed inside of the ceiling. Unlike a PCB, an ACB generates its air supply using nozzles, which actively draw warm air from the space below and push it to the ACB’s exchangers.

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