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What is a Smart HVAC?

What is a Smart HVAC?


A smart HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system leverages networked HVAC components and other technologies (such as internet-of-things). It’s the natural evolution of a building automation system (BAS).

The goal of a smart HVAC system is that it lets occupants control the temperature of their room or workspace on a very granular level -- including lighting, humidity, fan speed, etc -- to achieve an ideal thermal comfort level.

They can also control the HVAC using their phones or tablets instead of dedicated devices.

Benefits of smart HVAC systems include the provision of exactly-as-required thermal comfort and, potentially, energy savings. The latter can come by programming the HVAC to support an area only when there are people present, but deprioritize the area when they leave.

(Source: DepositPhotos)

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