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Underfloor Air or UFAD: A No-Brainer for projects already planned with Raised Access Floors

Underfloor Air or UFAD: A No-Brainer for projects already planned with Raised Access Floors

Benefits of Converting to UFAD from overhead ducted or VRF systems  

Sustainability and Reduced Environmental Impact 

UFAD systems offer performance benefits to commercial building owners including improved air quality, enhanced energy efficiency and improved acoustics.  Because these systems are completely modular, tenant remodel or re-fits are 90% faster and cheaper.   This flexibility contributes to sustainability and reduces environmental impact.   

Enhanced Energy Efficiency with Lower First Cost  

One of the primary benefits of an underfloor air distribution system is that it is designed to deliver air using a combination of low-energy fans and the large air plenum under the raised floor that is already in place.  Little to no ductwork is required, saving major first cost.   Fan energy is reduced by 30-50%. 

Flexibility and Adaptability  

UFAD systems allow for complete creativity as the systems are easily adaptable for any space configuration.   Workspaces can evolve to maximize worker comfort and productivity.  Because all of the unsightly utilities are concealed under the raised floor, the interior designer has more flexibility to create optimal aesthetics. By converting to UFAD, building owners and tenants can make use of their overhead space in ways they never could have before with traditional overhead HVAC systems.  


Convert to UFAD with Raised Access Flooring  

Buildings with raised access flooring are prime candidates for converting to UFAD. For many projects, the main reason UFAD is not used is that builders are unfamiliar with this innovative solution.  Consult the AirFixture website for a complete explanation of the state of the art in Under Floor Air Distribution systems.   Commercial buildings that already have raised access flooring or are planning to install a raised access flooring system are throwing money away by not moving away from their old-style overhead HVAC system.  


Conclusion: Start Your Conversation Today 

At AirFixture, we do everything we can to make converting to UFAD an effortless process. From working directly with project architects and engineers to providing system design to detailed installation procedures, our team is here to help bring your building’s HVAC solution into the future.  

If you are ready to go out with the old and in with the new, contact us today to learn more about our UFAD systems. 

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