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Unleash the Power of Perimeter Heating: New Perimeter Heaters Provide Warmth and Style

Unleash the Power of Perimeter Heating: New Perimeter Heaters Provide Warmth and Style

Perimeter convectors are commonly called radiators. The true method of heat transfer is convection. Radiators are a necessary evil in many homes, apartments, residential complexes and workplaces, but they can also be unsightly and space-wasting. There are options to cover radiators, but those options can bring safety concerns or may make your radiator inconvenient to access. 

In the realm of home heating, conventional radiators have long held sway, their bulky forms casting a shadow over interior design and comfort alike. But a revolution is brewing, spearheaded by fan-powered convective heaters – the sleek, efficient, and stylish alternative that's set to reimagine the way we warm our homes. As living standards increase, so has the need for improved indoor environmental quality, from both owners and residents alike.  

Tips for Dealing with An Unsightly Radiator: A Better Solution 

AirFixture can retrofit old buildings formerly heated with radiators by installing our SoHo line of fan powered convectors. We can use existing boilers, pumps, and piping. These are also available in zero clearance electric heat configurations.  

New construction can avoid the hassle altogether by using SoHos in their initial design. 

SoHos can be installed in trenches that are dug into the existing floor or formed trenches when a new building is constructed. These products can also be installed on the floor, on or in the wall, or even in the side wall or ceiling.  

An AirFixture RetroFit soho-1

Sleek, UL-listed & USA-made: AirFixture's trench heaters boost comfort, save space & look stunning. Upgrade your building! For reference, check out this interview where Developer Edward Baquero explains how he brought old-New York luxury to 20 East End.

Here is a step-by-step process of how AirFixture retrofits old buildings previously heated by radiators: 

  1. The AirFixture team of engineers will assess the existing heating system to determine the best way to retrofit your project with SoHo perimeter heaters. 
  2. AirFixture will design a custom solution for each building, taking into account the size and layout of the building and the desired heating capacity. 
  3. Demo the existing radiators and any cabinetry. 
  4. Plumbing or mechanical contractors will install the SoHos in perimeter zones as appropriate for your project. 
  5. Connect the SoHo to the existing hot water heating system. They may be able to be controlled with the existing thermostat. 
  6. Test and commission the system to ensure that it is working properly. 

This will free up space in the building and create a more modern and efficient heating system. 

Benefits of Retrofitting Old Buildings with AirFixture SoHos 

Here are some of the benefits: 

Reduced noise

Aesthetic Appeal: Banishing Bulky Eyesores 

Conventional radiators, with their protruding fins and often outdated designs, are not exactly known for their aesthetic charm. They jut out from walls, hogging valuable floor space, and often clash with the overall décor of a room. SoHo heaters, on the other hand, are the epitome of elegance. Their discreet grilles, seamlessly integrated into the floor or wall, vanish into the background. SoHos are available in several grille designs and any RAL color desired, allowing your décor to take center stage. Why disguise when you can decorate? 

Space Optimization: Making the Most of Every Square Foot 

In a world where every inch of living space counts, conventional radiators are a major space-hog. They occupy prime real estate, creating clutter and obscuring views. SoHo heaters are masters of space utilization. Their careful placement liberates floor space, allowing for unhindered views and a more spacious feel. They can even be strategically installed under windows, transforming an otherwise awkward area into a source of warmth and comfort.  

Heat Efficiency: Warming Your Home, Not Your Wallet 

Conventional radiators, with their uneven heat distribution, are notorious for energy waste. Hot spots and cold pockets abound, leading to discomfort and unnecessarily inflated heating bills. SoHo heaters, on the other hand, are champions of efficiency. Their design ensures a uniform spread of warmth throughout the room, eliminating drafts and creating a consistently comfortable temperature. SoHos work much more efficiently with new technology low-temp hot water systems like copper tube boilers, condensing boilers, and heat pumps.  

Comfort Benefits: Breathing Easy, Living Comfortably 

Conventional radiators have super-hot air rising off the heating unit. Fan powered SoHo convective heaters are designed with your comfort in mind. Their lower temperature warm air is discharged into the room where it is immediately beneficial to the people in the indoor environment.  

Installation and Maintenance: Simplicity at its Finest 

Concerns about installation complexity often deter homeowners from considering alternative forms of heat. But the truth is, SoHo heaters are surprisingly easy to install. Their modular design allows for a straightforward process, often requiring minimal disruption to existing flooring. And once installed, SoHo heaters demand little in the way of maintenance. Their recessed design protects them from dust and damage, ensuring years of trouble-free operation. 

Conclusion: A Revolution in Home Heating 

SoHo heaters represent a paradigm shift in home heating, offering a combination of style, efficiency, and comfort benefits that conventional radiators simply cannot match. They are the sleek, silent, modern solution for discerning homeowners who demand the best for their homes. Embrace the revolution and discover the transformative power of SoHo heaters. Your home, and your comfort, will thank you for it.  

If you are interested in retrofitting your old building with AirFixture's SoHo trench heaters, please contact us for a free consultation. 

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