AirFixture’s underfloor air distribution services encompass a broad range of comprehensive solutions tailored to your climate, building type and budget. Our team of expert designers, engineers and project managers will work with you to create and implement the ideal UFAD system for your unique requirements.

Choosing an underfloor air distribution system with raised access floors means lower installation costs, reduced energy bills, improved environmental comfort and better access to building services for faster occupancy.

Our UFAD solutions include:

Underfloor Air Distribution – learn about the benefits of a UFAD system and why AirFixture’s industry-leading solutions are the ideal choice for your facility.

Air Conditioning – An underfloor air conditioning system gives you improved cooling efficiency for a lower cost, making it an irresistible option for warmer climates.

Underfloor Heating – UFAD offers improved thermal convection compared to traditional overhead systems, enhancing occupant comfort.

Access Floors – Underfloor air distribution takes advantage of raised access floors to provide environmental control, in addition to improving access to building services such as wiring and plumbing.

Ventilation – Improve your ventilation efficiency with UFAD resulting in higher quality airflow.

Pressurized Plenum Space – AirFixture outfits the underfloor space for optimal air distribution, a configuration that requires less energy to operate while maximizing the amount of available space.