Commercial Air Cleaner

Office air cleaner designed to purify your air in large indoor spaces.

Ensure a Safe Working Environment With a Commercial Air CLEANER

Eliminate airborne particles and pathogens with a mobile UV light commercial air cleaner that’s ready-to-use out of the box.

  • Protect people from breathing problems
    Don’t just clean the air, purify it. Get the combined cleaning power of ionization, UV, MERV and HEPA for the ultimate purification solution.
  • Cut costs with a powerful commercial air cleaner
    Save the cost of deploying multiple air cleaners around the premises. CleanAir Tower pushes up to 1400 CFM of air, enough capacity to service even larger spaces.
  • Protect occupants from germs, fumes and COVID-19
    Remove fumes, dust, pollen, mold spores and even viruses from the air, and reduce the risk of sickness.
  • Suitable for boardrooms and libraries
    Enjoy near-whisper quiet operation with an air cleaner for the office that emits as little as 30 dBA of noise.


There is a minimum order requirement of 10 units for this product, which is intended for commercial use.

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What Customers Say About Our Commercial Air Cleaner

“AirFixture has been a highly reliable company whether UFAD, or Overhead Chilled Beam applications…their CAN DO attitude with any ideas or ways to make any application better or figure out a way to solve a problem is a breath of fresh air.”

Anthony Casaus

How Airfixture’s CleanAir Tower Commercial Air Cleaner Improves Health and Safety

1400 CFM Maximum

Powerful air cleaner for commercial spaces and large rooms

42 dBA @ 500 cfm

UV air cleaner or ionization that offers near-silent operation


Hours of run-time between service intervals – depending on configuration and application

Configure Your Commercial Air Cleaner

 Learn more about our commercial electronic air cleaner with ionizer, UV, MERV and HEPA filtration systems.

Commercial Air Filtration Systems

Get a Commercial Air Cleaner for Office Applications With Multiple Purification Systems That Can Operate Simultaneously

Mold, dust, germs, welding fumes – every building has its own unique indoor air quality (IAQ) challenges. Get an air cleaner for the office that meets your specific requirements.

Customers can choose which purification and fume extraction systems they want to install in their CleanAir Tower:

  • Bi-Polar Ionization
  • UV Light
  • MERV-4 to MERV-13 air filters
  • HEPA Filter

Use one or all purification systems simultaneously for the ultimate air cleaning performance.

Improve indoor air quality with a commercial air cleaner for mold removal. A UV air sanitizer for HVAC can also work to eliminate germs and airborne particles.

An office air cleaner with an ionizer is safe to use in spaces without a ventilation system, unlike an ozone purifier which is an air pollutant.

Commercial Air Filtration Systems
Portable Air Purification Systems

Reduce Sick Days With a Commercial Air Cleaner That Eliminates Germs

Can a portable air cleaner work in a large office to reduce employees catching infections from each other? Absolutely, it can.

Improve productivity by improving indoor air quality with CleanAir Tower. Get the best commercial air cleaner that effectively protects employees from:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Pollen
  • Germs

HEPA air purifiers can also reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by trapping airborne particles that can carry coronavirus.

Get an air cleaner for commercial spaces that don’t have local exhaust ventilation.

Portable Air Filtration System

Save Deployment Costs With a UV Air Cleaner That Can Improve IAQ in Large Spaces

Consumer air purifiers have poor air flow performance, requiring you to install multiple units to clean air for just one large space.

Save the cost of buying multiple air purifiers and reduce your energy bill with AirFixture’s CleanAir Tower.

Our CleanAir Tower is designed to service large indoor spaces, recirculating up to 1400 cubic feet of air per minute.

Looking for a mobile commercial air cleaner for mold that can clean a room fast? Ours can do it faster than other models in the market.

CleanAir Tower does not compromise comfort for performance. The unit emits just 48 dBA of noise at its medium setting, making it virtually inaudible in most office environments.

Portable Air Filtration System
trench heather units

Enjoy Ease of Use With Our Commercial Air Cleaner

Office equipment can often be hard to use and difficult to move around – not our CleanAir Tower.

Our air cleaner is designed to be mobile and easy to use. Shift it around easily and connect it to a standard 120/230V wall outlet.

Benefit from convenience enhancing features such as:

  • Rubber rolling casters safe for delicate flooring
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Manual speed control dial
  • Convenient On/Off toggle

It’s shipped fully assembled – you just need to take it out of the box and plug it into the wall.

Turn on your air cleaner and start breathing easier with fresh, filtered air.

Businesses That Trust Our HVAC Air Purifier

Get the Ultimate Air Cleaner for Commercial Spaces

  • Boost Your IAQ with purified air
    Capture and destroy airborne contaminants and pathogens with an all-in-one office air cleaner.
  • Save deployment and energy costs
    Deploy an air cleaner that can do the work of several consumer air purifiers – install CleanAir Tower.
  • Long run-time between service intervals
    Get peace of mind with an air cleaner that needs servicing every 18,000 hours and few replacement filters.

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