Commercial Air Filtration Systems

Dependable Portable Commercial Air Filtration Systems

Get an in-room commercial air filtration unit that features a combination of up to five different air purification technologies.

  • Designed to Complement Your Workplace
    Enhance your space with attractive industrial design and a color-coordinated commercial air purifier.
  • Exceptional Airflow for Maximum Purification
    Small enough to slide in a discreet location but powerful enough to handle rooms as large as 3,000 square feet with tall ceilings. Minimize disruption with a near whisper-quiet commercial air purifier.
  • Ultimate Virus-Killing Performance
    Unlike other air purifiers on the market with only one or two air purification systems, AirFixture’s CleanAir Tower uses UV lamps, HEPA filters, Bi-Polar ionization, Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) and MERV-13 simultaneously to provide an optimal performance.


There is a minimum order requirement of 10 units for this product, which is intended for commercial use.

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What Customers Say About CleanAir Tower

“AirFixture has been a highly reliable company whether UFAD, or Overhead Chilled Beam applications…their CAN DO attitude with any ideas or ways to make any application better or figure out a way to solve a problem is a breath of fresh air.”

Anthony Casaus

Industry-Leading Portable Commercial Air Filtration System

For over 20 years, AirFixture has been at the forefront of innovative HVAC solutions. Find out why CleanAir Tower is a breakthrough electronic air filtration system for commercial and residential spaces.

30 dbA

Near-silent volume from a commercial air purifier that doesn’t compromise on performance


Air filter that combines UV, HEPA, Bi-Polar Ionization, PCO and MERV for the ultimate in air cleaning

3000 sq. ft.

Coverage with a single commercial air cleaner that can kill Covid-19, mold, and clean the air in large indoor spaces 

Get Cleaner Air With a Premier Commercial Air Filtration System

Increase productivity and make your work environment safer with Airfixture.

Commercial Air Filtration Systems

Keep Your Workers Safe With Commercial Air Filters

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic we were all terrified about the potential spread of this new disease. 

It was easy to convince students, office workers, restaurant workers, university personnel, health care workers and first responders that we needed to radically change our normal work practices to avoid being infected or infecting others. 

Many, many businesses have been working from home for more than a year. 

But with Airfixture’s industry-leading virus spread prevention capabilities, people can begin getting back to work feeling safe and secure in their workplace.

Commercial Air Filtration Systems
Portable Air Purification Systems

Accelerating Workplace Return With
Commercial Air Filtration Systems

What do building owners do for the returning workforce to existing buildings? Do we install an industrial air filtration system for an underground bunker?

Some companies will have a significant portion of their workforce working from home.  Many other businesses will rely on centralized workplaces for management effectiveness, employee morale and collaboration. 

There may be new social distancing practices that mean our workplaces will have a lower person per square area. With economic growth, we feel that the demand for new workspace will continue. 

What is forever changed are the design priorities of the HVAC systems. Building occupants will want the best air filtration system available, not just carbon filters. Building owners may provide hospital-grade air filtration systems and air scrubbers to attract tenants.

You can also get trench heating grilles in many different finishes and styles, which you can then match to your unique decor and boost your building’s visual appeal.

Portable Air Filtration System

ASHRAE Recommends
Commercial Air Filtrations Systems

ASHRAE is a leading technical resource for air conditioning designers the world over.  

The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force has recommended that the demand control ventilation cycles, normal to most buildings, be disabled during the crisis. 

Central to most of the recommendations is to increase the outside air to better ventilate spaces – even after they are no longer occupied. 

This is a clear re-prioritization of better ventilation vs saving energy. ASHRAE has also specifically endorsed and recommended a commercial HEPA air filtration system and/or a UV air filtration system (UV air sanitizer).

Many times, the existing HVAC system cannot reasonably be modified to increase outside air ventilation. 

One of the ASHRAE recommendations is to consider in-room portable air filtration system equipment. The recommendations call for a minimum of MERV-13 filtration products with replacement filters.

Portable Air Filtration System

Businesses That Trust
Our Commercial Air Filtration System

Protect Your Occupants From Germs, Viruses and Fumes

  • Avoid the Dangers of Ozone Filters
    Purify your space of airborne pathogens, tobacco smoke, and other contaminants, without the health risks of ozone generators, sometimes seen in larger industrial air purifiers.
  • Breathe Cleaner With CleanAir Tower
    Let us show you how a portable air filtration system can provide clean air and noticeably better indoor air quality in your commercial applications.
  • Commercial Systems for All Types of Premises
    AirFixture, LLC is a Midwest USA manufacturing company that makes commercial air filtration systems and industrial air cleaners for school buildings and some large multi-family buildings. Our projects include office towers, headquarters buildings, schools and university buildings, banks, government and military buildings, as well as gaming facilities.At AirFixture, we feel like the largest economic value of a building operation derives from the comfort and productivity of the people in the workplace.Protect your employees from infections and noxious fumes. You will gain hundreds of hours of productivity for the small cost of running a commercial air filter.Contact us for further information and quotes.
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