UFAD Resources


The new ASHRAE UFAD Design Guide for 2013 is the result of the combined effort of many of the HVAC industry’s most prominent engineers. The committee included contributions from Fred Bauman, the author of the original 2005 ASHRAE UFAD Design Guide, as well as others from The Center for the Built Environment. Leading HVAC Manufacturers, Consulting Engineers, Commissioning Agents, Balancing Contractors, Architects, Code Board Members, Building Owners, Property Managers and Access Floor Manufacturers all collaborated to include lessons learned and best practices based on millions of square feet of UFAD systems installed throughout the world.

This is without a doubt the most comprehensive and objective underfloor air design guide available. Over 15 types of UFAD system arrangements are detailed – all of which are fully supported by Johnson Controls products and controls. Building designers will find productive recommendations to properly design, construct, commission and maintain a modern UFAD system.

The UFAD Design Guide is available from ASHRAE Publications for $99.00 plus shipping ($86.00 plus shipping for ASHRAE Members). AirFixture has arranged for a bulk purchase of these books, and is now offering this special edition (which includes an embossed JCI Logo on the back cover) to JCI offices and agents for $61.50 freight paid in the US. They are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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