Underfloor Ventilation

Do You Want to Improve Your Building Ventilation and Occupant Comfort to Boost Productivity While Lowering Energy Costs?

An Underfloor Air Distribution System from AirFixture delivers vastly improved air quality and ventilation efficiency, boosting occupant comfort for better productivity - all at reduced energy costs of up to 30%.

With an AirFixture Underfloor Air Distribution System, You Can:

  • Reduce energy costs up to 30%
  • Experience significantly improved air quality
  • Enjoy better ventilation
  • Eliminate need for suspended ceilings
  • Gain better access to building services


AirFixture offers underfloor ventilation systems as part of our UFAD solutions that can save you energy costs while improving air quality and comfort for your building occupants.

Since air is supplied closer to occupants, the resulting ventilation effectiveness is improved by as much as 20%. Accordingly, outside air pre-conditioning units may be reduced by 20% which translates to a lower ventilation expense.


AirFixture’s broad range of underfloor ventilation products including fans and programmable, electronically controlled diffusers are designed to support your UFAD project while meeting specifications and budget.

Moreover, our diverse UFAD solutions offer more choices than anyone else. AirFixture has completed hundreds of underfloor ventilation projects in over 25 countries, and we can tailor the project to your particular needs.

Benefit from cost savings due to lower energy costs, as well as the improved design flexibility that raised access flooring systems bring to your facility.

Increase productivity through improved environmental comfort, reduce the need for suspended ceilings thereby enhancing overall available space, and lessen the time to occupancy for your units by making electrical and service wiring more easily accessible.