SoHo Trench Heaters

SoHo Trench Heaters

Our SoHo Trench Heaters Lower Energy Costs by 20% & Improve Air Quality

Trench Heater Solutions By AirFixture

Designed to use our line of SoHo fan-boosted linear terminal units, AirFixture’s Trench Heating will raise your tenant occupancy rate by improving indoor air quality, providing better comfort, and elevating its aesthetic appeal with matching finishes and more indoor space.

In addition to being more attractive to existing and future occupants, it will also be more energy efficient and, in turn, generate 10-20% in cost-savings.

Besides getting new buildings off to the right start, our Trench Heating can also breathe new life – and opportunity – into existing condos, apartments and housing complexes. Many of these have radiators and other old, expensive and inadequate heating systems that are depressing your building’s value.

Be it perimeter or pedestal heating installations, electric or hydronic fans, or any trench size, our Trench Heating is available for any building.

We cover all areas of the process to ensure that the design and installation process fits within your timeline and budget.

SoHo Fan-Boosted Trench Heaters

SoHo fan-boosted trench heaters are designed to create an efficient and simple solution to meet perimeter heating & cooling needs in a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Units are available in hydronic heating/cooling and electric heating configurations.

Airflow is provided by 24VDC variable speed ECM cross-flow fans and fan sizes and configurations are based on the length of the trough and performance requirements.

Overall dimensions are customizable, with threaded levelling legs for support and fine height adjustments.

Associated linear grilles are extruded aluminium; segmented and continuous options are available in a variety of finishes, sizes, and air flow capacities to meet project design needs.


What our clients say about us

“Having worked with AirFixture at a past firm I know the care and thought they put behind their engineering support. They worked diligently with us to provide the most functional cost-effective design. When we were working towards our Construction Set Andy Bergman and his team had no problems reviewing several iterations of our design to ensure the end-user would be comfortable in both summer and winter conditions, and to ensure the Air Towers would meet the required sound performance so users would be comfortable from an overall environmental perspective. When we were in construction during COVID-19 in NYC, AirFixture did what it took to ensure we would have our units by or before the date they were promised to site, I could not have been happier in our choice of manufacturer.”

Christopher T. Varughese

Mechanical Designer