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3 Ways to Improve Air Quality as a Casino

As of recent years, keeping the indoor air of your casino clean and healthy has become absolutely essential. Yes, many of your patrons are smokers, but the majority of them are not.

As a matter of fact, only 21% of patrons at tourist destination casinos are smokers.

There are 50 million non-smoking patrons who visit American casinos every year, and 400,000 non-smoking staff who support them.

And there’s no understating the ill-effects of bad indoor air quality (IAQ). Exposure to cigarette smoke is linked to causing respiratory problems and major diseases, including cancer.

Not only are your patrons conscious about this, but you wouldn’t want any of your employees being affected (and causing costly liability blowbacks to your establishment).

Worse yet -- bad indoor air quality at a casino will hit your bottom line.

The less comfortable visitors are, the less time they spend at the casino, the less they gamble, the less money your casino makes.

As a matter of business, casino air quality should be a major concern.

Below, we’ve listed 3 ways you could improve your casino’s IAQ.

More on How to Improve Your IAQ:

1. Install Air Filtration Systems

Be it in problematic areas where smoke is shown to heavily accumulate, or in small, compact gaming rooms -- you should consider installing air filtration systems.

These filters will eliminate the smoke by taking-in the room’s existing air, cleaning it and then returning it to the room. You can find air filtration systems on the market that will remove tar, nicotine and other harmful elements from the immediate surrounding area.

Installing air filtration systems is an effective way of covering areas that are not well-connected to your building’s Heating, Ventilation and, Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

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2. Improve Air Ventilation by Replacing Your HVAC with UFAD

You should consider replacing your existing HVAC system with an Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) system. With UFAD, you would not only introduce fresh air into connected rooms on a regular basis but release it nearest to your patrons and workers.

This means that your casino occupants will get fresh air right away. In addition, as hot air rises to the ceiling, it’ll collect the pollution along the way and pull it away from your patrons.

Besides improving your casino’s IAQ, UFAD will also improve your casino’s energy efficiency and help you cut your long-term operating costs. You’ll gain on multiple fronts.

3. Use an Oxidizer

Finally, you can also use oxidizers in polluted areas. These agents, such as ozone (which is “a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen”) can break down odor molecules as well as help remove bacteria in the affected air. You can integrate oxidizing systems into your HVAC system.

AirFixture is a proven industry expert in designing and installing UFAD solutions for a diverse range of commercial properties, including casinos. Contact us today to see how we can help you use IAQ improvements to entice your patrons to do more at your casino.

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