Trench Heating

Eliminate Drafts, Enjoy Healthier Air, and Lower Energy Costs by up to 20% With Trench Heating

AirFixture’s line of SoHo fan boosted linear terminal units deliver superior air quality and even heating while helping you significantly lower your operating costs.

Our SoHo Fan Boosted Trench Heating Terminals:

  • Available for any trench heating design
  • Can be customized to meet your decor
  • Deliver improved air quality, comfort, & health
  • Work with water and electric heat sources

Perimeter & Trench Heating

Trench Heating offers improved comfort, health benefits, energy savings, and design flexibility over traditional heating and cooling systems. Designed to fit within “trenches” in the floor, these systems connect to your heating units and use both natural convection and fan assistance to eliminate drafts without sacrificing wall space.   

What are Trench Heaters?

Trench heater units are the key components to a perimeter heating system.

They are available in both hydronic (water) and electric configurations, and which one you use will depend on the type of heating source to be used. Instead of attaching radiators to the walls, these devices draw air through a grille, heat it, and then allow it to radiate throughout the space.

Hydronic fan terminal units can work with hot water boilers, natural ground heat sources, and solar-heated water systems. Electric trench heaters connect to the building’s electrical system and use heating elements to provide fan-assisted heating.

Regardless of the type, their strong heat output makes them both an ideal primary heat source in addition to providing secondary heating to eliminate downdrafts.  

How Does Perimeter Heating Work?

This setup is referred to as perimeter heating because the trench heaters are arranged around a room’s edges, providing a constant heat source around the perimeter. Because the grilles are recessed, they dramatically improve the available floor space without having to sacrifice superior heating capability.

As an alternative to using trench heaters, pedestal heaters can be placed at floor level. Pedestal heaters are available in a range of designs and styles, are easier to install, and can greatly enhance a room’s aesthetic.

Placing the heating units along the perimeter is an ideal way to combat draft zones. Traditional heating systems force heated air into a room that will be chilled again when it comes into contact with windows or outer walls.

But with trench heating, the airflow draws the cooler air into the trench along the radiator fins, ensuring a continuous warming cycle.

The Advantages of Trench Heating

Trench and perimeter heating have become increasingly popular not only for commercial properties but for residential homes and buildings as well.

Up to 20% Cost Savings

Because it takes advantage of natural convective currents and a variety of heating sources to deliver heat, trench heating will significantly reduce your energy costs – by as much as 10 to 20%.

Improved Thermal Comfort

Placement of the trench heaters around a room’s perimeter means you’ll enjoy even heating, especially near windows and outer walls – virtually eliminating drafty areas.

Reduces Harmful Contaminants

Dust, pollen, smoke, and other toxic substances can cause major health problems. Because a trench system will usually deliver a gentle and continuous airflow, contaminants aren’t unduly disturbed, allowing them to settle much easier.

Increases Floor Space

Recessed trench heating units increase the amount of available floor space by removing radiators from walls and other areas. And since grilles are available in a range of finishes and styles, you’ll be able to seamlessly incorporate them into your decor.

Ideal for Residential High-Rises and Housing Complexes

Replacing convective radiators with trench heaters in condos, apartments, and homes brings both economic and health benefits. Lower operational costs means reduced energy bills as well as improved property values.

Premium Trench Heating Performance From AirFixture.

AirFixture’s line of SoHo fan-boosted trench heating units are designed to exceed your demanding heating needs. Customizable and adjustable to conform to any trench size, the extruded aluminium grilles are available in a range of airflow capacities, finishes, and sizes to perfectly meet your project’s needs.

Contact us today to learn how AirFixture and SoHo’s trench heating units can deliver superior comfort, design flexibility, and lower operational costs.