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What The Dissolution of TROX USA Means For UFAD

What The Dissolution of TROX USA Means For UFAD

TROX Group announced on March 8, 2018, that their U.S. subsidiary, Delaware-based TROX USA, plans to begin the dissolution process and to cease accepting new product orders. A key industry player providing a range of HVAC products and services, TROX’s withdrawal from the U.S. leaves a sizeable gap in the marketplace for HVAC and Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) products.

And while there are still several major UFAD specialists in the $44 billion North American HVAC market, one company - AirFixture - has the product line and service capability that the industry will look towards to fill any void among UFAD providers.

TROX GmbH Overview

TROX is a global HVAC enterprise based in Germany with 28 subsidiary companies overseeing sales in 70 countries worldwide. Since its founding in 1951, TROX helped pave the way for the growth of UFAD systems as part of its core mandate to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation services.

Over the years, TROX has acquired a number of firms including Hesco AG, FSL Fassaden System Luftung, and Auranor AS, with the latter purchase culminating in their rebranding as TROX TLT GmbH in 2012.

As such, they’ve been a global force for underfloor air distribution products, and the closure of their North American distribution arm will affect those looking for UFAD components as well as former TROX customers who need servicing and support.

Fortunately, AirFixture has a complete line of UFAD products that are fully compatible to integrate with TROX components and installations.

About AirFixture

Since its founding in 2001, Kansas City-based AirFixture has become a highly-regarded worldwide provider of underfloor air distribution products and solutions. In an industry where most of the dominant HVAC providers offer it as a sub-service, UFAD is AirFixture’s core focus.

This approach has allowed them to use their extensive in-house conceptualization and testing resources to develop new technologies that have changed the way commercial HVAC services are delivered.

Customized UFAD Solutions

While still a major source of HVAC products worldwide, TROX USA was a key supplier of UFAD components within North America. As is the case with their major counterparts, their catalogue of products is primarily designed for off-the-shelf installations.

AirFixture recognizes that every building has different needs, and they’ve made their name offering customized solutions for implementing UFAD systems in challenging or unusual environments that otherwise may not have supported it. That’s why they use their unique position within the industry to develop customized and cutting-edge products in a way that traditional distributors can’t match.

Industry-Specific Experience

Each industry has its own unique challenges. In addition to commercial office buildings, AirFixture has developed expertise in a range of sectors including education (universities and schools), government facilities, libraries, event spaces, and casinos.

Whether it’s developing a customized solution for high-quality indoor air at the Wind Creek Wetumpka Casino or helping building owners meet Green Building standards, AirFixture’s team of HVAC engineers and consultants bring their experience to the table from the early building design stage through to the project completion.

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UFAD Products Fully Compatible With TROX

AirFixture’s line of state of the art underfloor air distribution products is continuously evolving. All their UFAD components are designed and manufactured in-house and are engineered to meet the highest quality standards.

With the departure of TROX USA from the marketplace, building and design professionals can rest easier knowing that all AirFixture UFAD products are fully compatible with TROX components, ensuring current projects maintain a seamless workflow while existing installations can readily access replacement items.

AirFixture’s TROX-compatible UFAD products include:


AirFixture Services and Resolves Existing UFAD Issues

As with any system, UFAD installations require periodic maintenance and upgrades to function optimally. For building owners with existing TROX UFAD installations, no longer having domestic access to the originating supplier might be a cause for concern.

In addition to filling the gap in ensuring the availability of components, AirFixture’s team of UFAD experts are available to provide solutions to repair or service existing TROX installations. While they are dedicated to servicing the North American market, their global reach - spanning over 25 countries - has enabled them to oversee numerous projects to their completion.

AirFixture’s dedication to underfloor air distribution - from design consulting to product distribution and customization - ensures that all current TROX UFAD customers will continue to have access to service and support when they need it.

Filling the UFAD MarketPlace Gap

Whether you need to consult about an existing TROX installation or need to source new raised floor HVAC components, AirFixture’s singular UFAD focus will ensure that facility owners, architects, and builders can continue to have seamless underfloor air distribution solutions.

As a trusted leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of cutting-edge UFAD products, AirFixture’s experts are ready to help you get the underfloor HVAC solution that’s right for you. Contact us today to talk with a UFAD expert.[gem_alert_box button_1_size="large" button_1_corner="3" button_1_icon_pack="elegant" border_radius="4px" button_1_text="Solve My Issues" button_1_link="url:%2Fcontact-us||target:%20_blank|"]

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